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debut album “Endless”
out now


About Endless

Endless questions the belief that everything has a start and an end. In reality everything is infinite. The lives we live are just a part of an endless journey through space and time. We simply exist in different states, physically and metaphorically. Every song on Endless expands on emotional memories, segments of time that one experiences in their lives. Each song re-activates various states of mind. Love, hate, learning, struggle - everything is Endless. Although every song on the album is finite, they carry powerful messages, memories and feelings. One could say that each song is a conversation with their own self. This is one of the recurring themes throughout the album.

The album features guest vocals by Jordan Chase (Shreddy Krueger / invogue records) on “Withdrawn” and Josh Ford (The Luminary) on “Empty Breathing”. Alan Rigdon (Ex ERRA) performs a guest solo section on instrumental “Evade”.

Endless was released across all platforms on the 28th of February.

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Track list

01. Onset
02. Nucleus
03. Limerence
04. Rupture
05. Words Whispered
06. Interlude
07. Withdrawn (feat. Jordan Chase)
08. Evade (feat. Alan Rigdon)
09. Empty Breathing (feat. Josh Ford)

Run Time: 31 Minutes

Mixed by Drew Bender at Bender Recording
Mastered by Joe Lewis Brown
Design by Vohrart

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ABout Scarlet Dress

Scarlet Dress is a progressive metalcore outfit with it’s members hailing from Mumbai, India and Albuquerque, United States. In its true sense, Scarlet Dress is a form of expression through heavy music in the new age of internet collaboration. With music that is fueled by ambient melodies, heavy breakdowns and intricate guitar riffage, Scarlet Dress’ emotional hooks and hard hitting breakdowns appeal to an audience sitting at the borderline of Prog and metalcore. Scarlet Dress is for listeners who appreciate layered atmospheres but at the same time desire catchy melodies.

Scarlet Dress’ music is for fans of Erra, Fit for a King, Breakdown of Sanity and Contortionist.

Genre : Progressive Metalcore

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Sushant Vohra (Instruments)

From Mumbai, India and is a metalhead at heart. Sushant plays Ibanez and Schecter guitars and has written all music for Scarlet Dress since 2014.

Michael Rodriguez (Vocals)

From Albuquerque, United States and joined Scarlet Dress in 2016. Michael operates from his home studio in New Mexico. He writes all lyrics and performs vocals for Scarlet Dress.

All press and Business inquiries should be directed to
Sushant Vohra at ascarletdress@gmail.com

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Our latest and greatest offering till date. The album features a 9 track journey of courage, emotion and openness. Endless capitalizes on the band’s unique blend of clean and harsh vocals and introduces new catchy instrumental elements

Periscope (single) 2016

Scarlet Dress collaborated with Suicidal Tendencies’ guitarist - Jeff Pogan to release a genre defining track. Periscope showed critical song writing and ambient melodies that re-emphasized the band’s signature sound.

Prose Edda (EP) 2015

Band’s debut EP featuring 6 tracks filled with fast, aggressive, energetic and techincal riffage. The album recieved great reviews from Circle Pit, Djent Mag and It Djents.

‘Prose Edda’ is one charming effort at displaying technical skill and sense for music and composition, it got me hooked
— Stefan Andenov, Djent Mag

Our Story

In 2014, Scarlet Dress released their debut instrumental single “Lucid” through It-Djents (now called Everything is Noise) which has since gone onto accumulate more than 100k streams on YouTube. Scarlet Dress’ early success came in the form of various mentions, reviews, testimonials from publications like Circle pit, It Djents and djentmag about the band’s debut EP “Prose Edda”. The album featured hard hitting songs like Seeker featuring a guest solo by Jesse Butler from The Air I Breathe (Rise Records) and melodious progressive songs like Pulse featuring female vocals by Nitika Kumar (Niti).

The band’s unique approach to writing catchy hooks, layered guitar melodies with contrasting harsh vocals aim to steer the listener through a variety of emotions. Scarlet Dress offers a foundation to a new wave of melodic metalcore that embraces ambient guitar work. Building on this culmination of contrasting elements, the two piece band comprising of Michael Rodriguez on vocals and Sushant Vohra on guitars is set to release their debut full length album “Endless”. Endless is out on all platforms on the 28th of February.